Alberta Watershed Improvements, Phase 2


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The Alberta Watershed Improvements, Phase 2 project, consists of the installation of approximately 3,640 linear feet of stormdrain with diameters ranging from 24” to 54”, paving of Alberta Dr. from Saratoga to NM528, installation of curb and gutters along Alberta Dr., and associated manholes and curb inlets for stormwater. The intent of this project is to protect residences and infrastructure from stormwater impacts.
This project has been funded with local SSCAFCA bond funds, State capital appropriations, and a grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Hazard Mitigation Grant Program.

January 4, 2017 project update: Curb and gutter installation between NM528 and Sonora Dr. Installation of storm drain along Alberta between Monterrey and Sonora.  Major water line realignment in Alberta east of Sonora.  Outages should be limited and residents will be informed of when outages will occur.  In the event of an outage it will likely have a duration of 8 hours.  Periodic relocations of other utilities, including phone, gas and cable will continue. Backfilling of area around inlet structure to west pond on Saratoga. Last week the following items were completed:  curb and gutter and paving on Alberta between Saratoga and Acapulco; installation of manhole and piping for area drains at Alberta and Monterrey intersection;  inlet structure on west pond at Saratoga. The project is 30% complete.


Curb and gutter installation

December 19, 2016 project update: this week paving of Alberta between Saratoga and Acapulco, installation of storm drain along Alberta between Monterrey and Sonora,  installation of curb and gutter between NM528 and Sonora,  periodic relocations of utilities, including water, phone, gas and cable. The curb and gutter on Alberta between Saratoga and Acapulco have been completed along with installation of manhole and piping for area drains at Alberta and Monterrey intersection.  Excavation for west pond inlet structure and construction of footer for structure has been completed. The project is 20% complete and on schedule. Please note the following: There may be periodic outages of utilities while they are being relocated to avoid the project. Contractor will be relocated traffic control as needed to perform work within Alberta and intersections along Alberta. If you have concerns please call Dave Gatterman at SSCAFCA (505) 892-7246.



November 21, 2016 project update: Utility companies will begin relocation activities. Scheduled to begin 11/28/16.  Contractor to begin mobilization to site 11/28/16.  Please be aware with the  utility companies mobilizing to the site to perform utility relocations, there will be construction equipment in the area and the possibility of minor traffic control.

September 20, 2016, Bid Opening Date and for the week of October 24th a scheduled public meeting and scheduled utilities meeting will occur.

SSCAFCA will be hosting a public information meeting on November 7, 2016, at 6:00PM. Meeting will be held at SSCAFCA HQ at 1041 Commercial Dr. SE, Rio Rancho, NM 87124.  Flyers were mailed out to residents in the project area on Friday, October 21, 2016.  A copy of the flyer for the public meeting is posted on our web site.
Project Map
Meeting Letter

Alberta plan set
2016-11-07-alberta public meeting presentation